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Empowering Through Style: How Fashion Choices Give You Wings in Fitness


The clothes we slip on can have a monumental impact on how we approach our workouts. When we feel like a knockout in our fitness gear, we’re more motivated to push ourselves harder. But when our attire makes us feel frumpy and insecure, it’s tougher to muster up that get-up-and-go attitude. Research shows that when we wear clothes aligned with our personal style, we feel more self-assured, which boosts our confidence to conquer even the most grueling fitness challenges.

In this article, we’ll explore the psychology behind why fashion choices affect our confidence in fitness and provide tips for choosing attire that makes you feel like the badass you are. Let’s get pumped!

The Mind-Body Connection: Why Style Matters

The link between our threads and our self-image is undeniable. Science has shown that when we dress sharp, we think sharp. Researchers coined the term “enclothed cognition” to describe how the clothes we wear directly impact our mood, attitudes, confidence, and even brain function related to attention and abstract thinking.

So why does this matter in fitness scenarios? Well, doll, working out is tough enough without feeling insecure about how we look. When we slip on a fierce fitness ‘fit that aligns with our personal style and makes our assets shine, it’s like putting on psychological armor, making us feel capable, motivated, and ready to dominate.

The Confidence Boost

The right activewear can make us feel like Wonder Woman, giving us the courage to push out those last few reps. A survey by women’s fitness fashion brand Varley found that nearly 75% of women feel more confident during workouts when wearing clothes they feel good in. Likewise, over half said they are more motivated to work out when they like their outfit.

So clearly, feeling fab impacts our fitness mindset in a fab way!

The Competitive Edge

When we look ah-mazing, we also up our game. Researchers found that when athletes wear uniforms they feel proud of, their performance improves. The sharp style subconsciously triggers them to live up to the image they’re projecting.

So if looking dynamite makes us feel dynamite, we’re more likely to bring that explosive energy to our workouts!

Trends to Empower Your Activewear Style

Trends to Empower Your Activewear Style

Now that we know style can seriously impact how we slay our fitness game, let’s explore some hot trends to make you look and feel like the powerful queen you are!

Athflow Style

This hybrid style blends the comfort of athleticwear with the chicness of flowy fabrics you could wear to brunch. Loose-fitting tanks, wide-leg pants, and draped cardigans let you move freely while looking fab.

Bold Colors and Prints

Vivid shades and fierce prints pack a visual punch, energizing your workout. Electric greens, vivid violets, and punchy patterns infuse your fitness ‘fits with moxie.

Cropped Styles

Cropped tops and shortened sleeves and pant lengths bare a bit more skin for ultimate mobility. Showing off those sculpted shoulders and chiseled quads radiates confidence!

Choosing Activewear That Empowers YOU

Choosing Activewear That Empowers YOU

Now that you’re pumped to pump up your fitness style, here are five tips for choosing pieces that will make you look and feel unstoppable:

Flaunt your assets. Select necklines, waistlines, lengths, etc. that show off your best features. Display those guns in a racerback tank or showcase your stems in cropped leggings!

Consider proper performance fit. Ensure your tops, bras, shorts, leggings, etc. provide adequate support and coverage for your workout type without restricting your movement.

Choose fabrics wisely. Seek out technical fabrics with moisture-wicking technology and four-way stretch for cool comfort and ease of motion.

Express YOUR style. Opt for colors, prints, silhouettes, etc. that align with your personal taste. When your outfit feels like YOU, so will your confidence.

Mix and match. Create versatile workout wardrobes by pairing staple basics like leggings and tanks with trendy statement jackets, shoes, bags, etc.

How Fashion Choices Give You Wings in Fitness FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of empowering activewear styles?

Some empowering activewear styles include bold colors and prints, cropped lengths, athflow fabrics, racerback tanks, high-waisted leggings, and mix-and-match staples paired with trendy jackets, shoes, or other accessories.

How does activewear impact confidence and performance?

Activewear that aligns with your personal style and makes you feel fierce boosts confidence and motivation during workouts. Feeling proud of how you look triggers a subconscious desire to perform at your highest level.

Why is it important for activewear to provide proper support and coverage?

Proper performance fit ensures your activewear provides adequate support for physical activity without restricting your movement – helping you feel confident while preventing injury or discomfort.

What activewear fabrics are best for working out?

Technical, moisture-wicking fabrics with four-way stretch provide cool comfort while allowing ease of motion. Popular examples include spandex blends, polyester interlocks, and breathable mesh.

How can you create versatile activewear wardrobes?

Mix and match basic activewear staples like leggings, tanks, shorts, etc. with trendy jackets, shoes, bags and other accessories. This allows endless outfit options from studio to streetwear.

activewear that makes us look and feel like a total boss


Science confirms that when we suit up in activewear that makes us look and feel like a total boss, we become fitness superheroes, ready to crush any challenge. By understanding the psychology behind style and confidence and choosing attire specifically suited for slaying our workouts, we can unleash our inner warrior goddess to dominate any gym or studio scenario. So discover YOUR fabulous, empowering fitness style and let it give you the wings to truly soar! What outfit or trend will YOU rock to rule your next workout?